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Ready to improve your game? I'm ready to help you!

With locations in the Prescott Quad-cities area, Scottsdale and lessons available through the Skillest app, there is a solution that will work for you.


My goal is to always help you reach your goals on the golf course. Let's lower your handicap together. Or maybe you want to learn how to control the ball so you draw when you need to . Learn to analyze your results to understand what you need to change to get the results you want while playing.

Have you ever had a friend tell you that you topped the ball because you peaked? Or that you need to slow your swing down to have more control? Let's debunk those myths and learn what is really happening with your swing so you can get better.

If you are ready to learn and practice the steps you need to take to improve your game, let's get started!


"As an instructor, Erik is committed to your success. He is quick to analyze how to help you and is consistent in his approach and drills to get the desired result. You will be confident about your chipping, putting, and long game. He worked with my on my over the top swing and chipping. I can now determine on my own what went wrong with my swing and correct it the next time. My distance has also improved."

Ardell B., Prescott, AZ

TM - Driver

Using a range of tools will help you understand your golf swing better and allow you to see the progress you make along the way.

Trackman 4 will show you data of where you start and where you are every step of the way. Having this data will help you understand what you see at the range and on the course as you practice the instructions I give you during each lesson and on the recap videos I send after each lesson.

V1 Pressure Mat measures your pressure, velocity and dynamic force through your golf swing. You can see the data to better understand ground mechanics to improve your performance.

High-definition video will help you see what your body is actually doing. In the video I send at the end of every lesson, you can review what you have been doing and will also receive videos of drills for what you need to do to improve.


"Erik was wonderful at showing me so much of how I can improve the fundamentals, in a very short time! He even sent videos of the session so I can re-watch and listen if (when) I forget. My swing has improved dramatically after only one lesson!!! I highly recommend Erik if you want to improve your current game or are just getting started."

Donja C., Tucson, AZ



I am constantly learning about all aspects of golf because I want to make sure that information gets to YOU as my student to help you be a better golfer!

PGA Associate - As an associate of the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association), the most trusted association in golf, I am dedicated to keep my knowledge and understanding up to date as new information and technology becomes available.


TPI Level 1 and 2 - TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is "the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing." Completing Level 1 certification and now finishing Level 2 has given me a greater understanding of identifying physical limitations of my students and how to adapt their swing to continue to enjoy the game while maintaining healthy movements for their individual situation.

Titleist Club Fitting - Having the proper tools makes such a difference for my students! Being a certified fitter for Titleist irons, drivers/fairway woods, and hybrids allows my students to get quality information to invest in clubs that will make the most of their game. It also saves them money and time from having to make an appointment at an expensive golf fitting outfit.

Titleist Golf Ball Fitting & Ball Flight - Being able to understand the characteristics of the various balls offered by Titlest along with their ball flight patterns allows me to help my students pick a ball that will maximize their performance on the course.

Boditrak - Using a pressure mat is essential in helping student understand and see what pressure they create before and during their swing. Gaining my Boditrak certification has helped me better understand vertical ground reaction force and how to help my students apply it to gain distance in their drives.

Dr. Kwon's Biomechanics - Applying science to the golf game has allowed us to understand the golf swing like we never have before. Dr. Kwon is a leader in biomechanics and allows me to simplify this information for students to gain the benefits.

Scott Cowx Certified - The anatomy of the golfer. Matching up conditions to the golfer allowing for specific and personal swings that make sense to the golfer.

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"Erik is the best instructor I have ever had. He identified what I needed to work on and with his patient help, I now hit straighter and farther than I ever have! Thank you, Erik!"

Linda L., Prescott Valley, AZ


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I offer lessons at the Scott Sackett Academy at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona with access to the beautiful back end of the range.

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Come take lessons at my indoor studio near Prescott, Arizona using the technology of Trackman and the V-1 pressure mat to analyze your swing. Or meet me at the range at Quailwood Greens Golf Course for an outdoor lesson.



Want to improve your game but don't have the time in your schedule to drive to a lesson in Scottsdale? No problem! Take virtual lessons with me using the Skillest app, the #1 app for golf lessons.


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Destiny B., Prescott, AZ

Erik is so awesome!! Just within one hour session I was able to improve so much about my game, I can’t wait to see what happens after I spend more time with Erik. He is very good at explaining and communicating the things he is teaching, and you can genuinely see how much passion he has for the game and helping others. Would highly recommend him to anyone of any age or gender!

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