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LinkSoul -  They come from a long line of golfers, craftsmen, and artists. It's their mission to reconnect people to the soul of the game. I love their premium fabrics and craftsmanship. Their clothes are so comfortable and wearable. 
Go to and save 25% by using promo code FNF-Schjolberg25 during your checkout.
LinkSoul Boardwalk Shorts
LinkSoul Boardwalker Smoked Sage Shorts
LinkSoul Spring 2023 Collection
Golf Forever Logo
Golf Forever Swing Trainer -  A groundbreaking product that combines asymmetrical bar training with weighted club technology and expert instruction. The ultimate golf training tool that combines fitness and golf to increase your mobility, balance, and speed -- safely.
Scottie Scheffler Golf Forever
Golf Forever Training Aid
Go to and get free shipping by using promo code EJSGolf during your checkout.
Tour Striker Logo
Tour Striker Planemate
Use this link to get to the Tour Striker website.
Tour Striker Smart Ball
Tour Striker Planemate - Loved by Tour pros and amateur golfers alike, the PlaneMate 2.0 guides you into a pro-caliber takeaway and "shallowing" of the club in transition, inspiring body rotation and an all-important, inside-out strike.

Tour Striker Smart Ball - Now YOU can be one of the few who own the rhythm and timing required to become a high-level ball striker.
Stack Logo
The Stack System - Everything you need to train for speed. The Stack System provides dynamic programming directly from golf's leading biomechanist, Dr. Sasho Mackenzie. Speed training secrets previously reserved for Tour players, now available to you. Combines a training aid with an iOS app that walks you through a customized program for you. Ready to swing faster (which means hitting longer)? This is the system for you!
The Stack System
The Stack App on Phone
Contact me to get started on this speed training program that includes a 20% discount on the system.
WhyGolf Logo
WhyGolf Pressure Plate
Why Golf - The Pressure Plate teaches you to apply pressure correctly to your lead side and the dynamic change needed to shift that pressure to your lead leg before the backswing is complete.

The Chipping Plate helps you keep at least 2/3 your weight on your lead foot. The plate will tilt if you aren't doing it right.
WhyGolf Pressure Plate
WhyGolf Chipping Plate
Go to Why Golf to save 15% of your order.
Arccos Logo
Arccos Grip
Arccos System
Arrcos Golf - Take your game from guessing to knowing. Automatically track and record your shots on the course, so you can see how far you actually hit each of your clubs. Personalized Strokes Gained insights to help you practice smarter on the range so you can go low on the course.
Go to Arccos Golf. Enter the promo code EJSGOLF to save 10%.
Swing Align - If the rod is out of line, so are you! Swing Align makes setting up square SUPER EASY.  Flexible belt and cuffs allow for a full speed, athletic swing that keeps your arms and body synchronized. 
Swing Align Logo
Swing Align Set
Golfer using Swing Align
Golf Training Aids Logo - Get a 10% discount on a wide variety of different training aids that you can use for your full swing, putting, short game, nets, mats, balls, fitness, distance and more!
Tour Rotation Stick
Tour Rotation Stick (TRS) 
Pure Swing Precision Impact
Pure Swing Precision Impact
Lag Shot
Lag Shot
Eyeline Golf Impact Cube
Eyeline Golf Impact Cube
Click on this link and save 10% that will automatically be applied at checkout when you make a purchase within 14 days of clicking on link.
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