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Eliminate the Slice Today | Master my Proven Techniques in Just 15 Min per Day | EJS Golf Academy

Bonus Story at the End: Real World Example of One of my Students who Through my Eliminate the Slice Today Program Will Give You Tons of Encouragement in Your Journey to Slay this Dragon.

Understanding why we slice is the key to fixing it. Maybe 1 out of 20 students that comes to me the first time will know why thy slice. All the others claim to know b/c they answer that question of why do they slice with claims like my hips aren't moving fast enough, need to tuck my elbow in more or whatever they have heard from someone that doesn't. understand the core issue. The slicer much fix the club face, close it, and then we can talk more about how to eliminate the slice today.

Why do golfers slice their shots

Understanding why we slice is the key to fixing it. Maybe 1 out of 20 students that comes to me the first time will know why thy slice. All the others claim to know b/c they answer that question but they don't and this is what I will hear. This is the typical instruction you will get for your slice from you buddy that rides in the cart with you. The first reason has to do with your alignment. If you are not properly aligned with the ball, you will more than likely hit it off to the side. The second reason has to do with your head movement. If you are not keeping your head down and your eyes on the golf ball, your shots will more than likely go off to the side. The third reason has to do with the speed and power of your swing. If you are swinging too hard or too fast, you will not make good contact with the ball, and your shots will go off to the side. If you can correct these three things, you will see a dramatic improvement in your game and will be hitting the ball straighter in no time.

WE SLICE THE GOLF BALL B/C OUR CLUB FACE IS OPEN TO OUR CLUB PATH! PERIOD, END OF STORY! Whether we swing over the top or in to out, we can slice it whenever the face is open to the path.

Illustration of Golf Swing

Do all my clubs slice the same?

For those of you wondering if clubs matter for a slice. I don't care what club you are using, you can hit a slice with any club in your bag. A driver, 7-iron, putter, it doesn't matter. If the face is open to the path, you will slice it. The key to this statement is that, yes you will slice no mater what, but what is missing is that in general you are going to slice the ball more with your driver than sand wedge. The ball is just not going to move as much off of a pitching wedge compared to a driver. Eliminate your Slice Today is why most golfers can still hit their 9 iron, pitching wedge, etc.

Let's look at ways to fix your slice

Golfer on Course

What is crucial that you understand is that your over the top move is initiated by your pelvis which in turn throws your upper body out first in transition. Can some lead exclusively with their shoulders, sure. In order to have the proper kinematic sequence we need to feel the lower body starting the downswing. Drills in the video will help as well as many of the videos that I have done on the step drill. The key to this drill is you need to feel like you are swinging to right field. Realize this, you're over the top. move with an open club face is a really weak move. You will never get the compression you want, ball height, etc. In the transition you need to start to feel like you keep your back to the target as long as physically possible. Compare a baseball swing to what you are doing. Go ahead and try it. I bet you don't start it with the upper body. Or, better yet, throw a ball and see if you start it with your upper body. If you do, it would be what some call throwing like a girl. Now, I don't love that term but most golfers know what that means. A better way to put it is, it would be like throwing with your non dominant hand. Nick Price used to talk about feeling like there is a chain attached to his club that pulled his hands straight down from the top in transition. Some may ask then how do you get the club to the ball. The proper way, through ROTATION!

Commit to doing these moves in the video daily. You don't even have to hit a golf ball. What you will need though is a way to see if you are doing it correctly. Feedback is paramount when you practice. I have always said that without feedback you are exercising. Feedback can be through a mirror, camera, drill, etc.

Please let me know if you need help in anyway. My website is a great source where I have links to my YouTube videos as well as Instagram. Feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you,

Coach Erik Schjolberg

EJS Golf Academy

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From Slicing to Success: A Transformational Journey at EJS Golf Academy

My name is Erik Schjolberg, the proud founder of EJS Golf Academy at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. With over 25 years of experience, I have had the privilege of coaching PGA Tour Players, college athletes, high-level developing juniors, and many other committed golfers. Today, I want to share the inspiring story of one of my students, Scott, who came to me with a 40 to 60-yard banana slice off the tee and a 21 handicap. Through dedication, commitment, and the right guidance, Scott's transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.

The Challenge: A Persistent Slice

When Scott first approached me at EJS Golf, his game was plagued by a persistent slice. This common but frustrating problem was holding him back, and he was eager to overcome it. Scott's 40 to 60-yard banana slices were not only affecting his scores but also his confidence on the course. The slice is not just a small problem in golf, it is huge where some estimates say over 80% of golfers struggle with the slice.

The Approach: Personalized Coaching and Commitment

At EJS Golf, I believe in a feedback-driven approach to practice. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology like Trackman 4 Launch monitor, 3D Pressure Plates, 3D Video, Hackmotion, and more, I was able to analyze Scott's swing and pinpoint the root causes of his slicing issue. Scott had heard broadcasters on TV and YouTubers talk about clearing the hips out of the way as the key in golf, the reason Rory bombs it so far. A.better way to phrase the clearing of the hips is that it is done not as a solo action but of a. bigger machine.

Together, we embarked on a 6-month journey, focusing on daily practice sessions of around 15 minutes per day. Scott's commitment to the program was unwavering, and he diligently followed the personalized drills and exercises I assigned, even practicing at home. Scott had to learn to work in slow motion and ultimately learn to close down his club face. The body, eventually, will follow the lead of the club face. We promote it to happen quicker with the training I have my students go through.

The Transformation: From 21 Handicap to 8

The results were astounding. Within six months, Scott's handicap plummeted from 21 to 8. His slices were replaced by controlled, powerful drives, and his overall game improved in every aspect. The transformation was not just in his technique but also in his mindset. Scott's confidence soared, and he began to play with a newfound belief in his abilities. No longer did he stand on a tee box knowing that there was a pretty good chance that he would blow it out of bounds to the right. Now Scott stands on the tee and plans for where he wants to be for his next shot.

The Secret: 15 Minutes of Focused Practice

Scott's success is a testament to the effectiveness of my 15-minute practice model at EJS Golf. It's not about spending hours on the range but about focused, feedback-driven practice that targets specific areas of improvement. Scott's dedication to this approach allowed him to make significant strides in a relatively short time.

This is where all golfers fail that don't succeed to high levels of golf. We can always get better at golf. If you are not willing to use the proven techniques that will get you beyond where you are at then you will hit some level that you will not be able to break.

Conclusion: A Journey of Continuous Improvement

Scott's journey from a slicer to a single-digit handicap golfer is an inspiring example of what's possible with the right guidance, commitment, and plan. At EJS Golf Academy, I guarantee results from the very first lesson, and Scott's transformation is a shining example of this promise in action.

If you're interested in experiencing a similar transformation, I invite you to explore Scottsdale Golf Lessons at or Online Golf Lessons at You can find out more about me and my coaching philosophy at

Live Lesson in my Teaching Bay

Live Lesson in my Teaching Bay

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