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Emotional Resilience and Mental Fortitude: Professional Golfers Have it, Amateurs Do Not!

The common denominator between lackluster performance and unmet potential in golf often isn't physical; it's psychological. You might have the best swing mechanics or possess an ideal physical build, but when you can't handle the emotional and psychological nuances of golf, your game suffers. So what's the solution? Mental resilience and emotional stability, the factors that can make or break your golf game and career for some.

Emotional and Psychological Barriers: The Invisible Shackles

Ineffective Coping Strategies

Poor coping strategies can throw you into a mental state that is not advantageous. Emotional resilience is not just about enduring adversity but effectively navigating through it. Imagine being on the 18th hole, and all you have to do is par and you win the tournament of your dreams. Your palms are sweaty, heart pounding and adrenaline is jacking you up. If your coping strategies are inadequate, you're setting yourself up for a result that isn't what you want. The impact of such a scenario is often a vicious cycle of deteriorating confidence and performance.

Faltering Self-Belief

In golf and in life, the boundaries for success and failure in the realm of psychological strength are defined by self-belief. A golfer who steps onto the course doubting their ability has already conceded crucial mental territory. When you lack confidence, each swing, putt, and decision comes loaded with uncertainty, hampering your natural skills and instincts. Talk to a golfer that is confident about his putting and it is something special. They don't talk about their stroke for sure. No, they see something, the break and speed, and simply make it happen. When they do miss it isn't their fault, it is typically an imperfection in the green.

Emotional Volatility

The emotional highs and lows in golf can be as unpredictable as the wind that comes up only after you've made your shot. Negative emotions can fester and grow, becoming significant obstacles in themselves. The ability to reset emotionally after a bad shot or hole is a critical part of golfing resilience, and many golfers underestimate its importance. I, like most tournament golfers, had to learn this the hard way. Yes I was told about what is important, the next shot but I had to go through a failure process to learn to get through those thoughts.

Acknowledging the Psychological Predicament: Golf is More than Just Skill | Emotional Resilience and Mental Fortitude

The Limitations of Traditional Coaching: A One-Dimensional Approach

Traditionally, golf coaching has focused predominantly on the physical elements: swing mechanics, grip, posture, etc. Yet, how often have you found that despite perfecting these aspects, you still come up short in high-stress situations? The limitations of this approach become evident when golfers face challenges that can't be overcome by technique alone. Part of a coaches job is to prepare the student for what they will face on the golf course. What needs to be understood is that there is no perfection of mechanics but to have good mechanics is a prerequisite for difficult and different (not practiced) situations on the course. I like to build a golf swing for competitive golfers that is focused on the bigger muscles so the golfer is more prepared for the stressful situations. The idea is based on having the dog wag the tail vs the tail wagging the dog.

The Golfer's Dilemma

Even the most skillful golfer can falter under emotional or psychological strain. You might have excellent control over your golf swing, but what about control over your thoughts and feelings? A well-rounded golfer needs to be proficient in both, yet most coaching programs fail to address the latter, leaving the golfer vulnerable. This is the sad state of coaching in America and how, so many golf instructors are still using the same model from 30 years ago of a transactional environment. You give coach "Y" so many dollars and he gives you so much time. I despise that teaching method. I look at coaching as forming a relationship. My Next Level Training programs focus on 6 months of working on the golf swing, only and the final 6 months there is the emphasis placed on scoring on the golf course. I take a deep dive into the golfers data and see where the golfer is losing strokes gained vs. whatever handicap they are trying to move towards.

The Comprehensive Solution: EJS Golf's Holistic Approach to Emotional and Mental Resilience

Your Psychological Arsenal: Tools for Mental Resilience

When you work with me, Coach Erik Schjolberg, at EJS Golf, we focus not just on your swing but also on your mental game. emotional resilience and mental fortitude. We equip you with various tools and coping strategies, such as mindfulness techniques, positive self-talk, and focused breathing exercises. These are designed to help you manage stress, improve focus, and navigate the psychological ups and downs that come with golf.

Confidence Building: A Strategic Undertaking

EJS Golf goes beyond just the technical aspects; we focus on building an unshakable sense of self-belief through mental conditioning exercises and affirmations. Confidence isn't a one-time thing you can gain; it's a trait that needs ongoing cultivation. Our approach ensures that you gain, maintain, and utilize self-confidence as a continual asset in your golfing endeavors. I have never been a believer in the thought that we can lie to ourselves and gain confidence. We are too smart for that. For instance, if I tell myself I am a great putter over and over but I have no evidence to suggest that is true, our brains dismiss that as a lie. I know there are psychologists who are not in the golf industry but offer advice to golfers that will say this works. Problem is that I have the evidence it doesn't work.

Emotional Mastery: Beyond Just Control

The goal isn't just to control your emotions but to master them. Emotional mastery involves utilizing your emotional energy in a way that enhances your focus, determination, and overall performance. This goes beyond mere management; it's about turning potential roadblocks into stepping stones. This has to be in life as well, not just golf. We can't be two completely different and separate persons on the golf course and in life. Strive to be better in life and it will help you with your golf game and vice versa.

The Challenge-Ready Philosophy: Gearing Up for Adversity

The idea is to look at challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities. We nurture a mindset where you don't shy away from adversity but embrace it as a chance for growth. Our training and coaching equip you with the mindset and skill set to view every misstep as a setup for future success. This “fail-forward” mentality encourages a growth mindset, crucial for continuous improvement. This is a way of thought that anyone can adopt.

Performance Under Pressure: The Ultimate Test

At the end of the day, the goal is to be able to perform under pressure. Whether you're playing in a local tournament or are on the PGA Tour, the ability to maintain consistency under stress is what separates the good from the great. The mental resilience strategies that you'll learn at EJS Golf aim at this very objective: to make you not just a good but a great golfer. The golfer that has been in the position of winning several times and has won vs. the golfer that has been in that position and hasn't won have identical amounts of stress being put on their system. How do I know, because this has been measured. The only difference is that the successful golfer has learned how to manage a heart rate of 160 and the other golfer hasn't. Embrace the situation instead of always trying to change it.

Ready to Step Up Your Game? Choose EJS Golf Academy in Scottsdale, AZ

It's time to break free from the limiting chains of emotional and psychological vulnerability. At EJS Golf, I guarantee that you'll see results from our very first lesson, provided you commit to my feedback-driven practice model. Whether you're in Scottsdale or anywhere else, you have options: For those in Scottsdale, Arizona, check out our Scottsdale Golf Lessons. For those who can't be here physically, we offer excellent Online Golf Lessons. To know more about my coaching philosophy and approach, visit About Erik Schjolberg at EJS Golf.

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