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Top 5 Ways to Get Better Faster at Golf: How we Learn New Moves

Updated: Jun 6

Hi friends and golfers! I am so excited about this video and another one that just came out recently, Why? These are your golden tickets on how to learn a new move in way less time than you may even think possible. Believe me, the days of hitting a large bucket every day are over for most golfers. We are in an enlightened age in golf and becoming efficient in how we learn is what is best for us to get better faster.

For those of you that do not know who I am, my name is Coach Erik. I have built my whole career around teaching students the proper way to practice, removing myths like having to hit 100s of balls/ day all the while showing them how to reach their golfing goals. It is no secret why the public rates me the no. 1 golf coach in Scottsdale.

Are you tired of spending countless hours practicing your golf swing without seeing significant improvements? If so, you're not alone. Many golfers struggle to learn new moves and techniques effectively, often feeling frustrated and stuck in a cycle of repetitive practice. But fear not, it is possible to master the golf swing when you have the proper technique and coaching! In this blog post, we will unveil the ultimate solution to expedite your learning process and help you master new moves in golf to get better faster than ever before.

I recommend my Free Practice Guide to Golfers of all levels. You can get the guide by clicking here on Practice Guide. After you read that, along with what you read in here and watch a couple of my videos, reach out and let me know how your thought process has changed.

The Problem with Traditional Practice Methods: For years, golfers have relied on hitting large buckets of balls on the driving range to improve their swing. While this approach can be beneficial to some extent, it often falls short in delivering the desired results efficiently. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also lead to fatigue and burnout. Thankfully, there's a better way to enhance your golf skills and accelerate your progress.

Introducing the Get Better Faster Way to Learn New Moves in Golf: In our latest YouTube video, we dive deep into a groundbreaking technique that will revolutionize the way you learn new moves in golf. Gone are the days of mindlessly hitting ball after ball with minimal improvement. Our approach is designed to maximize your learning potential and expedite your journey to becoming a better golfer.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover the Revolutionary Method: We reveal a cutting-edge method that will transform the way you practice and learn new moves in golf. This innovative approach challenges conventional wisdom and provides a fresh perspective on skill development.

  2. Embrace Efficiency: Say goodbye to countless hours spent on the driving range. Our technique focuses on efficiency, allowing you to achieve remarkable progress in a shorter period. By optimizing your practice sessions, you can make every swing count and see tangible improvements quickly.

  3. Gain Insights from Experienced Golf Coaches: Our video features insights and tips from experienced golf coaches who have honed their teaching methods over years of working with golfers of all levels. You'll learn from their expertise and benefit from their proven techniques.

  4. Unlock Your Competitive Edge: Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just starting your golfing journey, mastering new moves is crucial to improving your game. Our video provides practical strategies and actionable advice that will give you a competitive edge on the golf course.

  5. In just 15 minutes per day you can become the golfer that you want to become. Imagine that. You no longer are worried about a tournament around the corner, you are excited. This is what I teach my students and they all succeed that stick to the 15 minutes per day commitment and in the end they Get Better Faster, enjoy the game of golf more, beat their friends at golf and gain an extraordinary confidence in their new golf swing.

Conclusion: If you're looking to take your golf game to the next level and learn new moves in record time, watch my Youtube videos for lasting change. We offer a game-changing approach that breaks free from traditional practice methods and empowers you to achieve rapid improvement. Say goodbye to the days of mindless repetition and embrace a more efficient and effective way to master the golf swing.

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Hi friends and golfers. My name is Erik Schjolberg of EJS Golf and I hope everyone's well I want to talk to you tonight about something I'm asked often about.

I guess how do I get better right um a masses right so everybody wants to know and I want to give you examples of what's done and what's not and how we're going to learn Okay so you know maybe I'll give a lesson someone says okay what should I practice on or this is what I may see during a lesson so I'm gonna try to just make this simple so it's shorter okay and that's that's the only reason not because you're not smart enough to get everything that I'd be talking about but um just uh just want to make a little shorter so a motor learning how a motor learning patterns so I just went like that I had an intention to do this with my hand right and it went there I didn't have to think okay I'm gonna move my elbow up to here I'm going to rebalance myself here so everything stays steady

I didn't think any of that that motor pattern's there okay so golf golf is very difficult I believe for this reason we do everything standing up right in front of us that's why if I put a ball up here you had to hit you'd probably do pretty well you know eventually you know hitting it and you you would uh have a much easier time doing it because I you know I do it with uh my beginners I start up here because they can they know how to move up high everybody knows how to turn like this from up here once I get them down here into posture huh so how do I turn what do I do what if I go here just stand up here and turn look out it's all simple so hence where I believe golf is very unnatural because we don't do anything from this position at all okay so that's why I find it um it's just not natural like some people say so

Um you know motor powders getting back to those they're in us for a long time okay so even you know if you look back medically when people get injured and you know even through severe Strokes they'll still keep their motor patterns they'll still know how to walk they'll still know how to grab a cup of milk out of the fridge they'll still know how to do everything like that now there are occasions that it happens that you'll have to relearn them the thing about how the rare that is compared to the damage that can happen to other parts of the body and that still works okay so it's amazing how it's deep inside our brain and it's protected for a good reason and you know as a younger coach before I learned a lot about it I used to think ah this is kind of stupid in a way that it's like this I don't know if stupid is what I'd use but I didn't understand like how neat it is that we have these voter patterns because of how easy it makes our life every day now okay so by getting into golf when you've been playing a while and you have motor patterns already incorrect ones let's say you go in here whip it in here right or something you come over the top or whatever you do um it's not easy to change those to build a new one so how do you how do you change it okay so let's simply talk about the word chunking what is chunky chunking means getting specifically you can look up the exact definition I'm very bad at like remembering the exact definition I explained to you for 10 minutes what it means or 20 minutes but I would never get the exact words in the definition but it's basically learning one thing at a time right and then moving on so in a golf swing we're not going to learn our whole golf swing let's learn one thing now here here's the key like so let's say that you know there's 10 positions that are called in the swing you know you could learn one two three four I don't teach like that you know five six seven eight nine ten now here's the thing it's good to know those positions so you're able to check yourself to say hey am I doing pretty well near someone you know there's some I call imperatives some that you have to hit okay but back back on topic which I'm good at getting off topic um you know as far as you know I'll see this in in lessons more to find somebody has a bad one and I'll put a barrier up like this okay so it'll be one right here for um to help them stop um let's say coming over the top right so I'll put one here so I have to swing up like this and then you gotta come underneath it right so we gotta go kind of like this so do it one time and I have a certain story oh okay okay now let me try it I'm actually gonna go like this

You know and so I'm like that's not how it works okay so that brings up another issue right there of what are we trying to do when we're talking we're not at all focused on outcome we're focused on process okay now great teacher back in the day called Claude Harmon Butch is dead um you know who also also won the Masters and he said this and I it rings so true and he says you show me somebody who's practicing for today and you show me something I'll never be that great at golf what does that mean that means going to the range and just trying to get a night whatever you're trying to do see some good ball fight you're not really working on anything you're you may think you are but you're really just swinging swinging swing you you haven't built up visual barriers on the Range you're not working probably on an exact position you're swinging full speed which we won't learn most things in full speed so it's not a great learning process Okay so when we're trying to learn motor patterns the best way we learn is in slow motion guys like like that so you can kind of make that motion that sounds like when it's in slow-mo we're slowing everything down like one of those things okay so um stop I've got a lot of videos on it where I go like this so say we're working on instead of working on kind of my transition okay so it said hand surgery a few well wait now two months ago my thumb so I can't go real good on it yet okay so I want to work a little bit on transition because I'm used to going like this okay so I'm going to swing normally up to here and then I'm gonna go hey wow I'm in a pretty good position right here and I'm gonna swing up again

I may do that 10 times okay maybe ten and then maybe I'll step up the same thing all right hit a ball okay so I'll prescribe five to one or even ten to one if it's terrible swing is two balls okay you want to get better here's a tip here get rid of the large buckets of balls get a smaller cut balls even for your more experienced players too okay why are you shot like you will in the course you know if I if I'm in you know towards there when I practice I step behind each one I look at it I'm looking where I'm trying to hit if I'm at the range I'm visualizing Heights visually exactly where I want to land and I'm going through basically my whole process that I would on the course the exact setup I'm going through my pre-shot routine practice strokes if I take any for chipping and then why do I do that because it replicates okay to the course we're not doing that we're in trouble okay so that's gonna be another video where I'm getting into block the version random practice okay so if you want to get better folks let's focus on chunking that is the best way for you to get through and learn new motor patterns Okay so I would say for those of you that have trouble and you're beginners or not even beginners and you if you have been playing for a while but you have anything that's like this anywhere where you do not rotate well the number one thing you can do is learn to rotate so here okay so you would go.

Now look at this I have a mirror back here you can't see I don't know if you can see this one down here it's got a red line down the middle bump a little bit to the right and re-center and guess what I'm right there so I'm not trying to keep my head still. I'm pipping nicely which will get me there okay so then I come here

Anybody who doesn't have a good pivot when they come to see me we work on the turn okay you have it ha it's it's prerequisite good golf you'll never see a great golfer who's you know like this out here on their side or standing up or swaying way back of the ball you'll never see a great golfer do that you may see a golfer go shoot 74s doing one of those but guess what he'll also shoot at 88 82-83 I don't want that for my students I want them having very similar low scores not a bad day you know we don't go up 12 13 strokes and I have no idea what's going on well what went on is you just can't time it as well that's all it does it breaks out of time you know and we want to we there's timing golf is all about timing but if we can limit some of it we have a better chance okay so what have we learned about this what we're gonna do we're going to work on chunking geez I'm gonna work in some slow-mo moves so I really can feel what am I doing now I want to be able to pick this foot up if I'm doing rotation a little bit and I should feel it right in my glute that tells me I did it good if I can go here it's just barely picking it up watch this

What if I'm here what do I go look at the difference it's a way to check it and when you plot put up you just feel it right in your glute which is where you should be loading into your glute anyways which will be brand new for some of you so in order to build good functional and new motor patterns work in a chunky Mode work on whatever you are if your coach or me wants you working on your takeaway which I probably could work on my takeaway so I'm more here instead of how I'd like to get when I was a kid here you know I could work on getting more here

Work on it and slow mo okay get here maybe one two three and then maybe try to hit one okay but do it in slow motion mode feel it and then don't if you hit one good you don't feel like I got it I'm done stick to it maybe go down to two to one and then one to one but do your whole route practice like that okay you'll know when you have it and that's when you move on to the next chunking process and how do you know what that is hopefully you're working with a really good coach who's leading you to that um Because unless you know how to analyze your own golf swing perfectly then you'd be in trouble with buying it just trying to find it on YouTube okay that's just looking for feelings it's looking for something that if you shank you know you may get something to tell you okay you're doing it because of this well he's not looking at your swing okay either am I when I get it it's more of general what most people do while our swings are a little different and what will work better for you it could be possibly different so thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it I know I ramble and go a bunch of places but for you I think it's a great benefit because not only did you learn about chunking right you got to learn a lot more about some other things too in this video so I really hope you enjoyed it and most of all thank you so much for your time thank you My name is Erik Schjolberg of EJS Golf and

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