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Updated: Oct 23

Scottsdale Golf Lessons
#1 - EJS Golf Academy in Scottsdale, AZ


When it comes to Scottsdale Golf Lessons, there's no shortage of coaches and academies to choose from. However, one institution consistently stands above the rest: the EJS Golf Academy. Led by coach Erik Schjolberg, this academy offers a comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to teaching the game. In this blog post, we'll explore why EJS Golf Academy and no. 1 golf coach Erik Schjolberg is the unrivaled leader in golf instruction in Scottsdale and why it deserves the top spot in our list of the top 5 golf instructors for Scottsdale Golf Lessons and Online Golf Lessons.

1. EJS Golf Academy: The Unparalleled Golf Instruction Experience

EJS Golf Academy provides a world-class golf coaching experience unlike any other. With the latest technology at my disposal, including 3D Dual Force Plates, Trackman, 3D video rendering, high-end video equipment, and various training aids, EJS Golf Academy guarantees improvements for their students from the very first lesson. The academy's commitment to innovation and progress sets it apart from other golf instructors in Scottsdale. Never again hear that tired old statement that you have to get worse before you get better. That is nonsense and I have been proving that since day one!

Live look at Coach Erik at his State of the Art Academy - EJS Golf

2. A Proven Track Record of Success with Scottsdale golf lessons and online golf lessons

The EJS Golf Academy boasts an impressive roster of clients, from PGA Tour winners to aspiring junior golfers. With a focus on developing serious juniors for college and beyond, the academy is dedicated to fostering growth and improvement in all its students. The coach's extensive experience and process-driven teaching methods have made EJS Golf Academy a sought-after destination for golfers of all levels who are willing to commit to consistent practice and improvement. Golfers from all over the world find coach Erik through searching Google and referrals from friends. You will hear a mantra. around coach Erik that is about daily 15 minute practice with feedback or it is just exercise.


Gareth Coen on Facebook

If you are looking for someone that genuinely cares about improving your game, Erik is the guy. I did both in-person and online and got so much out of both. He puts in a tonne of work outside of the lessons and definitely makes you feel like he’s invested in your improvement as much as you are. Highly recommend him.

Alan B. on Google

I’ve been online with Erik for over 6 months from Boston and he’s the best coach I’ve ever had. I consider myself a late comer to golf, but am motivated to get to low single digit HC with good consistent ball striking before retirement so I can enjoy golf ‘to the end’. If you’re skeptical about doing lessons online, but you are tech savvy enough to film yourself and pick up the phone or zoom twice a month, start working with Erik now if you want to improve your game. I’ve also done lessons in person with him while traveling for business in Scottsdale, which I’d highly recommend to supplement the online work, especially short game and chipping. As with all online lessons, your own effort to grind drills will pay off big, but it takes patience and time. I’ve had lessons with some of the big names (Pelz, Foley, some Skillest) and Erik is different. He cares deeply and invests in you more than the others. He follows your progression from lesson to lesson and sees the big and little things in your swing that prevent breakthroughs—which one only can see by carefully studying your swing—and can pinpoint areas to focus on and drill out through repetition. He’s also become a good friend and can sense when you need to take a break or feel burnt out by golf, which is just as important in the long term building process. I’ve come to see golf differently working with Erik. A golf lifestyle is more than just a game: there are brilliant moments of creativity and deep satisfaction, there are learning plateaus when you think you’ll never improve at a reasonable speed, and there are steps backward. Erik has been there to guide me through all of them with positivity and optimism, which in the end is the difference in many giving up or moving forward. As you get to know him you’ll find that he’s really smart and well read—I’ll never forget when we had a playing lesson and he asked me what my plan was at 250 away from the hole. I told him I was going to hit a seven iron and leave myself 100 yard wedge. He immediately started quoting the science that said that was the wrong decision and that I should pull out my 3 wood to get it as close to the green as possible. He was right, stroke gained! Go with Erik for the long haul!

Golf Lessons Scottsdale big changes

3. An Extensive Video Catalog and Drill Library

EJS Golf Academy's vast collection of video content and drills ensures that students have access to resources for every possible situation on the golf course. With hundreds of drills available, students can refine their skills and develop their game through personalized and targeted practice sessions. This extensive resource library is a testament to the academy's dedication to providing the best possible instruction for its students.

4. The Guru of Distance: Unleashing the Power in Your Swing

EJS Golf Academy has earned a reputation as the place to get distance through efficiency thanks to its exceptional ability to help golfers increase their driving distance. By focusing on biomechanics, technique, GRF's (ground reaction forces) and equipment optimization, the academy can provide tangible results for those looking to add yards to their drives. This expertise extends to long drivers as well, making EJS Golf Academy a premier destination for golfers seeking golf coaching to unlock their full power potential. Coach Erik feels like the only limiting factor for most golfers isn't their physical issues they talk about but by far their mind. It is not easy to push one's self past what they body thinks is possible. Working with The Stack by Sasha McKenzie is one of the tools coach uses for speed practice at home.

Gain Distance and Score Better!

5. A Commitment to Excellence

The EJS Golf Academy's success is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to excellence. From its state-of-the-art facilities and technology to its world-class coaching and personalized instruction, the academy is dedicated to helping its students achieve their golfing goals. With a track record of producing champions and a reputation for fostering dramatic improvements, EJS Golf Academy is the clear choice for those seeking the best golf instruction in Scottsdale, AZ.

In conclusion, coach Erik and EJS Golf Academy stands head and shoulders above its competitors in Scottsdale, Arizona. With its unmatched expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to its students. The academy is the obvious choice for those seeking the best golf instruction in the area. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your golfing journey, EJS Golf Academy provides Scottsdale Golf Lessons, Online Golf Lessons, the tools, resources, and guidance you need to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential on the golf course. Don't settle for anything less than the best – choose #1 golf coach EriK Schjolberg at EJS Golf Academy and invest in your golfing future today.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I look forward to seeing you at the EJS Golf Academy or online. Either way, let's reach your goals!

Please contact me to talk about golf instruction or use the links below to schedule a golf lesson.

Coach Erik Schjolberg
EJS Golf Academy

Scottsdale Golf Lessons

Online Golf Lessons


Hi friends golfers Eric sore EGS golf so probably just a couple of big topics going on around golf right now one of them is the tee shot like getting longer and help you um you know if we can hit it 10 yards off the tee or we gain much from it sure is not much so there has to be a pretty good disparity between watch if you're hitting in the rough depending what the penalty is yeah I mean I'm in Arizona here there's basically no penalty or or for being a rough most places I play um but if there are that's quite a bit of a penalty that doesn't get warranted by a 10 yard longer shot you almost need like a 40-yard block.

Any distance is good and this is what I think everybody can learn something from so growing up we used to see that people would lay up to their favorite yardages so you're I don't know you have Waterfront so you have a chance to get to say 100 or 150 or whatever get as close as you can okay so if you have the option to get to 80 yards get to 80. don't go to 130 okay the stats just prove no matter what over time you're gonna get better you're going to get in that hole quicker from 80 than you would from 130 any day okay now maybe I shouldn't have said any day because averages may not work out like that one day for you okay it'd be hard to tell wouldn't it right because you won't do both but over time we know that that's the case um so I would take that into play. I would also take into play that yes we do want to hit the ball along as we if we can but keep in mind none of this has ever been said to do around hazards or to put yourself in trouble okay it's never been meant to be that okay so if you have a choice and I think this is right here about the most okay I'll hear somebody goes I'm gonna hit a three wood for safety instead of my driver now the driver wouldn't put him in trouble okay at all okay if they hit okay so the statistics prove that this you're going to lose probably 20 yards going with your three wood this now this is for most people right some of you will say I hit my Three Wooden logger okay well go get help with your driver so you can get that extra gain but for the most of the people that are hitting their driver 20 25 yards longer that's more advantageous than playing it safe hitting with your three wood because we know for a fact now there's only a one percent difference in your dispersion ratio that means left to right between your three foot and Driver okay so as much as you think you're better with one of them really not okay so are there anomalies to this and can you guys some of you write me in the bottom and say I'm full of it sure you can but when you look at arco's data which is millions shots stats prove this fact okay so use the data for you as a tool to get better at golf don't just focus on that one factor of driving distance and let everything go beyond that because there's other ways like I said you can use this data to get better and the other the biggest one I said is Lane up get as close as you can always no matter what and and that includes if you're you know let's say you're can't reach the Green from 220.

What's going to get you 10 yards away I'd rather be 10 yards away than 60. okay if you for some reason like you're 60. degree wedge better than chipping well then learn to chip you're gonna get down quicker or learn to put them from that far away okay so that is really what all that has ever been meant to be I think there's been so much misconstrued about it of from the amateur level because here's the here's the facts okay men average I hate saying this because people think it's untrue but it is about 220 yards carry off the tee okay what do the guys on the tour average on the 297 2 okay so yes there's gonna be somebody out there that says I don't I average 280 or average 320 every time yes you said you're not part of that stat okay that also means there's somebody on that stat that's doing 120 mile 120 yards too so it it pretty much all equals out so in order to get that benefit off the tee the guy that does Hit It 290 okay he's one that's going to benefit from leaving his 5 wood or two iron in the bag and saying okay I'm played for safety with my five are gonna go 220 instead of blowing his three what 300 down there or 320. I think he's going safe that's where the huge huge benefit is going to be us for that guy that guy okay and remember that doesn't mean if there's water left and you've been hooking it all day and you're scared of the water on the left and you know you're an hook your driver to use your driver pull your five iron out okay okay we don't we don't we use it number one goal is to get the lowest score we can not to blow it in the water so we have to use some common sense with this as well okay but when you do know the numbers and the data a lot of it starts to make sense for your team okay and you'll be able to break that down okay so hey thanks for watching ask me ask me anything you want in there um about any of the data I can help you through it um help you walk you through it if you're stepper for some reason okay fine let me help you with it I'll tell you what you should do Erik Schjolberg, EJS Golf. thanks.

Article written by: EJS Golf,LLC

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