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The Impact Bag: Unlocking Shaft Lean and Perfect Impact Conditions with coach Erik of EJS Golf

Updated: Jul 22


Welcome to EJS Golf, the premier destination for golf enthusiasts in Scottsdale, Arizona. As the #1 rated golf coach in Scottsdale, I, Coach Erik Schjolberg, am dedicated to helping golfers elevate their game to new heights. Today, I want to share with you a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way my students learn and master the art of a perfect golf swing—the Impact Bag.

Why this training aid works!

Impact Bag Surprises! I know some coaches don't like these for a training aid b/c they believe it doesn't replicate the swing when we hit the bag and it stops our swing. According to them, this is too far away from the real swing to find any benefit in it. I have video proof of students getting miraculously better in a quick period of time. When I hear that students love the feelings they get from it and then can replicate the way their bodies move during their regular shot, to me, that is a winner. Believe me I would never use a product that would make a student worse. Using an impact bag for anyone that has no shaft lean, stuck on their back foot, etc. has amazing results. I can take someone who is completely leaning backwards trying to scoop the ball hit the impact bag with their weight on their front at impact, shaft lean, facing the target and more. When training someone using the impact bag I will start with 5 to 1 ratio of five strikes on the impact bag to one regular swing and keep on following that process. I will move them down to 4 to 1 ratio after two good shots in a row. Following that process the student will need three good shots (form really) to move down to 3 to 1. Just follow the process down to one to one and then try to beat it!

What is the Impact Bag?

The Impact Bag is a training aid designed to enhance your golf swing technique by focusing on key elements crucial to achieving a consistent and powerful impact. It provides golfers with a tactile and sensory experience, allowing them to feel and internalize the correct positions and movements required for an effective swing.

Key Benefits

By incorporating the Impact Bag into your training routine, you can experience numerous benefits that contribute to improved performance on the golf course. Some of the key advantages include:

  1. Developing Shaft Lean: Shaft lean is a critical aspect of a powerful and controlled golf swing. With the Impact Bag, you can cultivate the sensation of forward shaft lean at impact, ensuring maximum energy transfer and a more accurate shot.

  2. Clearing the Body: Many golfers struggle with clearing their body effectively during the swing, leading to inconsistent strikes and limited distance. The Impact Bag helps golfers understand and execute proper body rotation, enabling them to achieve a more fluid and efficient swing motion.

  3. Weight Transfer: Achieving proper weight transfer is fundamental for generating power and maintaining balance during a swing. The Impact Bag facilitates a focused weight shift to the front foot, allowing golfers to optimize their swing mechanics and unleash their full potential.

How to Use the Impact Bag at EJS Golf

At EJS Golf, we have fine-tuned our teaching methodology to incorporate the Impact Bag effectively into our training programs. Here's a step-by-step guide on how we utilize this incredible tool to unlock your golfing success:

Step 1: Proper Set-Up Before you can utilize the Impact Bag, it's essential to establish the correct set-up position. At EJS Golf, we emphasize the importance of proper posture and alignment, ensuring a solid foundation for your swing mechanics. Notice I didn't mention grip in there. Grip is a match up for your golf. This means that you can have a strong grip and fade depending upon your other components and vice versa. Don't fall for the strong grip always to turn the ball over. Looking at the grip in that way is is much too shallow.

Step 2: Building Awareness To fully comprehend the desired impact position, we guide our golfers through a series of drills and exercises. By utilizing the Impact Bag, we help you develop a heightened sense of awareness regarding shaft lean, body clearance, and weight distribution at impact. Closing your eyes when hitting the bag is a great way to learn what you are doing at this great impact position. It is key to hold your finish. The bag should only be hit at about 30-40%.

Step 3: Integration into Swing Practice Once you have a firm grasp of the key concepts, we seamlessly integrate the Impact Bag into your swing practice sessions. By incorporating the bag into your routine, you'll reinforce muscle memory and reinforce the proper techniques necessary for consistent ball striking.

Step 4: Analyzing Results At EJS Golf, we employ cutting-edge technology and comprehensive analysis to evaluate your progress. Through 3D video, 3D Force Plates, Trackman 4 Launch Monitor and other data gathering equipment, I gain insights and identify areas for improvement and provide targeted feedback to refine your technique. You will always be very clear as to what you need to work on. Even better, you will always have a way to check to see if what I am having you do is being done correctly.

Join EJS Golf and Unleash Your Potential

I invite you to visit my state-of-the-art facility at McCormick Ranch G. C. and experience the transformative power of the Impact Bag firsthand. With a personalized approach tailored to your needs, we are committed to helping you achieve your golfing goals. You are always welcome to work with me online as so many do from around the world. You can find a discount code on my Gear tab to get a discount on an impact bag.

Visit my website at to learn more about our services, testimonials from satisfied students, and how you can book a session with me, Coach Erik Schjolberg.


In the realm of golf instruction, the Impact Bag stands out as a game-changing training aid that accelerates your progress and unlocks your full potential on the course. At EJS Golf, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible results that golfers achieve when they incorporate the Impact Bag into their training regimen.

Through its emphasis on shaft lean, body clearance, and weight transfer, the Impact Bag provides golfers with a tangible and intuitive experience of the correct impact position. This invaluable feedback fosters muscle memory and allows golfers to make significant improvements in their swing mechanics.

As the #1 golf coach in Scottsdale, Arizona, I am committed to delivering unparalleled instruction and personalized attention to each and every student. At EJS Golf, we combine the transformative power of the Impact Bag with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive analysis to optimize your golfing performance.

Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation or an experienced player aiming to refine your technique, EJS Golf is your ultimate destination for golfing excellence. Join us at our state-of-the-art facility at McCormick Ranch G. C., for Scottsdale Golf Lessons and together, we will elevate your game to new heights. Online Golf Lessons are available to anyone throughout the world that has a desire to put in 15 minutes per day at a minimum.

To embark on your golfing journey with EJS Golf, visit our website at to explore our services, read testimonials from satisfied students, and book a session with me, Coach Erik Schjolberg.

Remember, the Impact Bag is not just a training aid; it's a catalyst for transformation. Take the leap and experience the difference it can make in your golfing success. Together, let's unlock your true potential and pave the way for an extraordinary golfing journey.

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Combo Scottsdale Golf Lesson and Online Golf Lesson - Student Example

Throughout my career spanning over 20 years, I have helped golfers of all levels to improve their game. Today, I wish to share the story of one of my students and the remarkable transformation they achieved through the power of diligent practice, expert coaching, and an impact bag.

The student for our discussion today arrived at my academy displaying a myriad of classic signs of a flawed swing: negative shaft lean at impact, weak and high ball flight, a lack of compression, and frequent fat/ thin shots. This led to a lack of distance and inconsistency in their play.

Before we delve into the solution that brought about the dramatic transformation, let's dissect these issues. Negative shaft lean, where the shaft is leaning away from the target at impact, is often the result of flipping or scooping the club during the downswing. This flip results in lost power and compromised control over the ball's trajectory, often leading to weak, high shots that stray off the intended line. Coupled with poor compression, the consequence is anemic shots that fail to optimize the potential energy stored in the club and ball. Finally, fat shots – when the club contacts the ground before the ball – are another common symptom of poor technique. The root cause? An incorrect low point in the swing, typically behind the ball instead of ahead.

Enter the impact bag. This training aid can be an incredibly effective tool in promoting positive shaft lean, better compression, and a forward low point – essential elements of an efficient and powerful golf swing. If you do not own an impact bag, click here to receive a discount on one. I feel strongly that all golfers should have one.

With the help of the impact bag and a dedicated, feedback-driven practice schedule, my student began the journey of transformation. Initially, we conducted a series of online lessons where I could evaluate his technique and provide corrections. These corrections were then practiced at his own pace, using the impact bag to provide instantaneous feedback. Eventually, the student traveled across the country to visit my academy in Scottsdale, where we could fine-tune his swing with the data gathered from my Trackman 4 Launch monitor, 3D Pressure Plates, and 3D Video. These tools provided precise quantitative data to further the knowledge that we were on the correct path of training.

Gradually, the student’s swing improved, manifesting positive changes in his game. From negative shaft lean, he progressed to an impressive 10 degrees of positive shaft lean with his 7-iron – a hallmark of elite players. This enabled him to compress the ball better, resulting in a lower, more penetrating ball flight and an additional 20 yards of distance with the 7-iron. Furthermore, his low point moved from behind the ball to 4 inches ahead, eliminating fat shots and increasing consistency.

This transformation, as remarkable as it might sound, is far from unusual at my academy. With the correct guidance, diligent practice, and utilization of feedback-driven training tools like the impact bag, any golfer can make significant strides in their game.

If you're interested in elevating your golf game to the next level, I invite you to check out my offerings at EJS Golf. Whether you prefer one-on-one lessons at my Scottsdale facility, or the convenience of online coaching, we can create a plan that suits your needs. Visit Scottsdale Golf Lessons or Online Golf Lessons. You can learn more about me and my approach at EJS Golf.

Remember, improvement in golf should not be a choice between getting worse before getting better. With the right approach, every golfer should see improvements from their very first lesson. I look forward to helping you on your journey to becoming a better golfer.


Coach Erik (00:00): Hi friends and golfers, Erik Schjolberg, EJS Golf, lets chat about impact bags here. I wanna talk to you a little bit about it and the value of it. First off, say some people don't like using these. Why is there a reason? Because our swing doesn't naturally stop right here, right? We swing all the way through and I'm like, I agree with that. But here's my thing. I have used this and less after, less after less. Everybody improves with it, okay? So if you're a golfer, like most golfers out there and you come like this when you hit the ball hands almost behind it, weight back, increasing loft in the club, this is great for you everybody. I see that. Does that this correct? So watch the, I want you guys, I'm just gonna barely do it this way. I'll show you both ways, but I don't have a ton of room here. (00:47) Do the difference here. Now I want you to know I didn't try to do anything, but look at me, how forward my body is, My hips are cleared, club is my hands are left, club is still out here. I then go like this, okay? So the value of that to me is incredible. Somebody who's never felt where we're supposed to be like that and they get to do that the first time they're shocked and they love the feel of it. And where do I get an impact? Baggage usually the next question I say, go to ejs, look for training aids and you'll get a discount on the one when you order one. Okay? So simple, just get here. I like to do it. I'd like to say this, Especially for those who, if you come over the top, let's try to get this bag rolling a little bit to the right. (01:28) You don't have to hit this hard, okay? You're seeing how hard I hit it. Probably 20%. Don't hurt your wrist by doing it too hard. Okay, so I put this in about the middle of the bag. Okay? Now I want this to tumble if I have it over the top swing a little bit to the right for me. I should probably, since I come too much underneath like that, I should probably go get this tumbling left. We'll just kind of get a straight answer. Guess so. I'm just gonna break back to here and go to there. So look how my hands are hidden. Look where the club is at. The club head's still out here and I was all the way forward. So if you have never felt that before, that is getting you the feeling of what it should feel like when you hit the golf ball. (02:10) So what I recommend and what I do, my lessons is this. Hit two or three in a row, tee up a golf ball and do that same thing and try to just feel that same feeling. Okay? And then eventually work it down to a one to one ratio, one bag, and then hit one regular golf ball. Go back and forth, back and forth. Do it the whole time. Remember the way motor patterns work, we have to do something in between our regular swings to drill it into ourselves of what we're trying to do. So our mind knows what we're trying to tell the muscles to do and get stored as motor pattern. So if we just do a couple things in a row without hitting that thing, how does our mind know which one's good, which one's not? It doesn't, We have to reinforce something. (02:51) And so let's say you do this correct five times in a row. Do you think you have it yet? No you don't. You need to keep doing it over and over and over. We have to build a new motor pattern cuz your old one's not going anywhere. It's staying in there. Okay? So we gotta build a new one. So that's the one you go to under pressure and other cause they're new golf swing. Folks, thank you for watching Erik Schjolberg, EJS Golf and Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and I appreciate you watching.

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