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Golf Truth Revealed: Can You Become the Golfer of Your Dreams with Online Golf Lessons?

Updated: Jul 15

And the answer is....

YES! Why am I so confident in saying that? Simple, I have taken golfers that are an 18 to 20 handicap to shooting 70s and wanting more. If you have the willingness to set up your camera properly and work on what I ask you, no more than 15 minutes per day, you will learn an amazing process that has amazing transformational effects.

Let me introduce myself. I am coach Erik Schjolberg of EJS Golf located in beautiful Scottdale, AZ at McCormick Ranch G. C. I have revolutionized online golf lessons so much that I have formed my own army of students that are making changes and having great results. In fact, even when I present the evidence, there are those that don't believe that I can take a student from a 12 to a 2 in 6 months to a year. What about a 6 to a +1 in a year? This is all done in 15 minutes per day following a program that is designed individually with the same success principles. This is my work of over 25 years in coaching culminating in my Online Golf Lessons Success Program. Join the army of doers and believers!

Let's first take.a look at why online lessons have become a popular way to get better at golf:

  1. Accessibility: Online golf lessons break down geographical barriers. No longer are golfers restricted to local coaches or golf clinics. They can now access top-tier instruction from professionals around the globe, right from the comfort of their homes.

  2. Flexibility: Online Golf lessons can be taken at any time, providing a level of convenience that traditional golf lessons cannot match. This flexibility allows golfers to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, which can lead to more consistent practice and improvement.

  3. Personalized Feedback: Many online golf platforms offer personalized feedback on swing videos. This allows golfers to receive tailored advice specific to their technique, which can lead to more targeted and effective improvements. Find out why my army of golfers have such an amazing record of success.

  4. Variety of Instruction: Online platforms often have a wide range of instructors with different teaching styles and areas of expertise. This variety gives golfers the opportunity to learn from multiple perspectives and find the teaching style that resonates with them the most.

  5. Cost-Effective: Online golf lessons are typically more affordable than in-person lessons. This cost-effectiveness makes high-quality golf instruction more accessible to a wider range of people.

  6. Progress Tracking: Digital platforms often come with tools that allow golfers to track their progress over time. This can provide motivation, show areas that need improvement, and demonstrate how their game has improved.

  7. Comprehensive Learning: Online lessons can cover a wide range of topics, from swing mechanics to course management strategies. This comprehensive approach can provide a more rounded learning experience.

  8. Technology: I am able to use the apps OnForm and Sportsbox ai to give my online students the most accurate results from their videos. I am able to see swing speed, hand speed, transfer of power to the golf club, kinematic sequence and much more.

In conclusion, online golf lessons offer a multitude of benefits that can help golfers improve their game. They provide a flexible, accessible, and cost-effective way to receive high-quality instruction and personalized feedback. However, like any learning method, the effectiveness of online golf lessons ultimately depends on the golfer's commitment to practice and apply what they've learned. The main reason online coaching performs better, overall, compared to in person lessons is the fact that so many golfers never change due to their focus on results and feels over a proven process to get better. So, whether it is winter and you are snowed in or the middle of summer wherever you are, let's start getting better together now. Send me a message at

Click here to get my Free Practice Guide. Within this pdf you will will learn how to practice so you become the golfer you want to become and know you can!

Coach Erik Schjolberg
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Coach Erik

Hi friends and golfers, Erik Schjolberg, EJSGolf, So I'm answering questions saying, one of them is, can you learn to golf online? This is a great question cuz this has been exploding since Covid golf lessons online. So can you do it? Yes you can. And it depends on the personality you are though. Okay. It takes a person that is, I would say, um, analytical. Okay. Somebody who's, um, has the drive to do something every day and then look at the video and try to make changes. So they're okay with doing video, looking at the video I send them, and then trying to make those changes and going back. So the people who do that, they get tremendously better, better typically than people in person because they're so involved in their improvement. So basically one day I say, Hey, we're gonna work on, let's say your, your plane coming down like this more.

Coach Erik

Okay. Instead of like this. So they'll work on it for three or four days or whatever. They'll have the video to review that I send them and then they'll come to me and say, look how I'm doing. I'll be, oh wow, that's great. Okay, now we're going to this. And it keeps going and we keep working on their swing till we get them to where they want to be. Now this was a question I said golf, not just golf swing. So the golf part of it too. Yes. By working through decade golf, which I talk about learning course strategy, which I talk about with them. So yes, it can absolutely be done. And if you have that mind frame that you're okay using video, sending video back and that and that working in that type manner, then you will absolutely excel in this, in this kind of uh, program. It's just the constant communication between the coach, me and you, helps you attend. So thank you for asking and Erik Schjolberg, EJSGolf,

Erik Schjolberg

Scottsdale Golf Lessons

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