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Secrets Revealed - Explosive New Golf Swing is Longer and Straighter Part 1 of 5

Updated: Nov 11

Find out how I have exposed the New Fundamentals of Golf with many secrets revealed that allow you to Reach Your Potential and most importantly Score Lower while Hitting it Farther with less Dispersion.

This is going to be a great new series where I, coach Erik Schjolberg, lead instructor at my academy , EJS Golf in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, am going to dive into my Four Fundamentals of Golf. Some of you might think I am crazy b/c you are still living in the 80's and 90's but at least watch this and see if you can find any commonalities. I bet you are already wondering if grip is going to be considered a fundamental of golf. To be seen. Must watch!



Hi friends golfers Erik Schjolberg of EJS Golf Academy located in Beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. I'm gonna do a little series here on what are my fundamentals and some are going to be shocked um some are going to want to argue with me because it's not the old fundamentals of the old days of alignment you know you're set up your grip and I I do want to address all those of why okay of why I don't believe some of those are strict fundamentals and and here in a real brief answer that question is watch a PGA Tour event okay and watch how let's just talk first off about grip let's talk about people with strong rips okay because everybody assumes that oh you um miss Mr uh Jones or Mrs Smith you fade the ball let's get you a really strong grip so you draw it okay but let me ask this question how come the strongest got grips on the tour fade the ball look at the super strong grips on there let's talk about Paul azinger are you talking four Knuckles a fader of a golf ball so how is that a fundamental then of a sport if it doesn't ring true okay so that's you know one example the others are you can look at somebody like you know Lee Trevino opening up his body you can look at some of these things that are guys in the way he came in he would actually play a draw up from there didn't mean to cut he could draw it okay so there's so many things we can do with this club face once we've understood this club face control, our pivot, club path and low point control when we understand those four I just told you mine then we've nailed it. We understand this full picture.

Okay so the focus I'm just going to have this be the intro on it what is so different about it today why is grip not have to be a fundamental of where the strong grip and the other thing when I grew up it was this I'm you know I'll tell you what I am I'm 50. and the reason I say that is is you know I'm not saying old or young or whatever it is it's not that it's to kind of put you in another scene of when I grew up and what I learned trackman wasn't around yet we didn't have some of the answers that we have now um I was growing up and even when I taught sorry folks but here's the thing is you know a lot of those teachers knew it was wrong we weren't teaching everybody but we were taught path was your club path how it traveled was where the ball started so PJ said and Ian went trackman proved it true it was still on the PGA exams so somebody who knew it had to lie or you know put the wrong answer down in order for it to be correct. So if you fade the ball you're gonna get this super strong grip, right. Secrets revealed in this video that will make you rethink everything.

If you want to look into training aids that I recommend with a discount, go to my website and then look for Gear. Cycles are gonna show and I guess starting off thing the other thing you hear then is okay so I better match that this V is going to the right then this hand's got to go right underneath okay so therefore I have my grip now to fix that fade um why does it not always work then it doesn't always because it's not it doesn't help believe me yes okay if you're a person who puts your grip in here you don't get the top of your uh meaty part of your hand on top you're just all along this crease here well you can't even hinge your Club if you look at that versus if you're here you get a nice bit of grip it hinges so believe me I put a lot of people and a grip I and I'm a Believer I think a stronger grip the less strength you have is really good for you and in general I think a strong grip is good for most golfers most golfers okay not every single one of them I believe the wrists hinge easier um with a real strong grip but it's so funny is everybody comes to me has these really weak grips with their hands on the side okay so probably getting off a little off track of the fundamentals but so you know it just goes to show that I don't have to have it like I said just watch a Tour event and watch the ball flight that people play and try to determine by their grip if that is the determinant to ball flight and you'll start to go really quick no it's not determined to ball flight what is a determined ball flight.

What's the simple answer so the ball is going to start or this club face is pointed about 85 approximately okay so if I have four degrees open to the path I don't care if I got with their strong grip open grip is starting 3.5 degrees right of the path no matter what no matter how I got there and I already did whatever it is going there okay so I come down like this thing's going to the right.

You'll see so I could do that with any grip I can do it that strong grip I can do with a weak grip Okay so I mentioned what my my four are already an efficient pivot okay pivot is how we're moving okay so do we pivot and move like this are we one of those people that goes here and then they gotta swing down and go like this or do we pivot very strong like this where we come in to the side and have a nice beautiful pivot what does the pivot do when we move correctly with our body we start to learn what it's like to follow everything follows the pivot now I am not one that's ever going to tell you like you hear on TV oh look at this look at this player he doesn't even use his hands anymore um he just he just all he does is he turns his body his shoulders one away turns another way lets the club fall that's it and I I laugh when I hear that because I'm like huh aren't his hands attached to the club what's closing the club face because if nothing else happens this club face is already open if you think about it to where the target is isn't that wide open.

I have to be like this when I if it wasn't right so we have to close this on the way down folks okay you have to so anybody tells you your hands don't have to do anything impossible you have to okay but our hands and arms are going to follow our pivot is what we want the better we get the more that will happen we'll learn what it's like to make that happen Okay so we I believe in that efficient pivot is a fundamental and you know Marty's just so long has seen it you know here's what I look for too is everything when I make these decisions I look at tour I look at the good players on the tour well they're all good on tour and I look forward I say are a hundred percent of them doing this.

When I have the evidence of 100 of tour players are doing something like wow there's no anomalies with it or nothing so watch the way these guys move how they all move. If you want to learn more about me all you need to do is click on About on my website. Great okay and the statistics prove exactly what they do if you talk about just some features like this about how they tilt down like this you can go from this here to the pro up to about here with a 35 handicap and the handicap will rise exactly on a chart like this from the pro who gets their shoulder tilted nicely to the really high handy heifer the higher up they are with their shoulder here the flatter they are the higher the handicap goes up so if I'm just a little bit above it I'm probably gonna be there it's a direct measure off of your handicap okay it'll go it goes on the straight line up from the pro to the worst based on this and I can give you quite a few others that are like that exactly okay so pivot low Point we've learned so much about low Point lately um I don't want this video to be an hour long to get into all of it but low Point learning to understand where the club is coming down at its lowest point so if we have a regular seven iron like I have here when I hit the ball like this I'm not at my lowest point I'm not like this here I'm not going.

Excuse me those are your Toppers and people catch it thin fat and all that I'm like this and I'm catching probably the third Groove and guess what Turf has come up turfs coming up and my lowest points are right there four inches in front about okay now you're going to have some that are more than that on the tour somewhere have a crazy Bunch but about four inches what why do I get that angle of attack you know it's coming down and it's also influenced by your path right because by a club path coming away from the inside look what's going to happen it's going to be want to be more back here and traveling more up at the ball versus people are like this look at that when it comes down up here that's your circle of golf right here for your low point so each video I'm going to do I want to get into each one really deep okay now we go into club path and face control so basically the variance of the two and that's the fundamental the very have the difference between your face and your path so if I have a club path that is let's say 10 degrees inside inside to out okay so here's my path.

I'm going to show you my path right here it's going to be like let's say 10 degrees inside out but we're going a lot okay so 10 is pretty much for some becomes severely and this is going to be a little product exaggeration for you guys to see it okay and let's say my face now the target line is this white one let's say my face angle comes down just like negative one degree not much left of the target line okay so I have this path coming way out so I swing on this path like this coming way inside out right my face is along this one okay so when I tell you about the 85 percent it's going to start about one degree right around there 0.85 left of your target Line. To learn more about this go to my website and search for more info on this topic. This is the dead death hook and since I have a 10 inside out look out you have a crazy hook that's not going to stop until it hits water or a tree probably so how do you get that down so you don't bury it so much if I bring this Inside Out down I'm gonna stick with the negative one Club face I'm going to go with a two on the path so now I'm showing just a little bit more out I guess maybe a little more so it's just a little bit more but I saw that kind of close Club face it's still starting barely left to the Target but it doesn't curve as much you if you were aiming down the middle of the Fairway with a hard five iron you could have gone on to the left side barely into the rough if you hit it really far if you don't you wouldn't have seen that much variance okay because it's not that big so it's the difference between the two okay and finally it's our club face okay is the factor I want to talk about.

I teach by fact alone. There is no reason to guess when I can measure! This means as I've already told you is where the ball is going to start right here this club faces everything what it's pointing at okay so quick quick little tip for everyone playing golf worry about this club face that's it really you're not practicing when you're playing golf you are playing golf right so let's say you're hitting everything left that day starts like bills left open your Club face up a little bit to start do whatever you can to get that club face up open more coming through so how would we give open more get those Knuckles more up instead of coming down quick tip for you guys but I want you warned by this club face when you play but the club face is our direction of the Start Life of the ball so that's why this is so important this doesn't matter how I have my grip on there okay it doesn't matter at all it's where it shows up now depending on how your grip is if you are a little weaker the club face will kind of match the back of your hand and you can kind of imagine that as your control but if you go stronger it doesn't really match exactly anymore but you can think kind of the back your left hand is the control here so if I'm controlling the club face look what I can do with this open close open close open closed so I have to close my way down don't I to get to the position we all want right boom like that so those are my four fundamentals of golf okay anybody who can Master those is going to be a great golfer now I my number one is getting the pivot the body moving correctly number two we go to getting we go basically to low point so we start hitting that ball well okay I want you to at the very beginning or if you're struggling let's say hitting behind it flipping doing whatever you're doing I want I want you to teach you to come through and hit that ball solidly with compression even if you are losing at 20 yards to the right or 20 yards left or 20 feet let's say at least every shot you're compressing.

You're getting your hands ahead you're doing it correctly and then once you can do that we'll work on path and face even more so you can get nail that down so that you don't have that big dispersion but we have to understand how to do that to get ahead so we fix those so the problem with golf is what people don't work on those they look for these simple tips online hoping that if I just do this one move it's going to fix everything it won't if your pivot's not correct it never will if you have a pivot that turns like goes like this I don't care what you do to try to hold off this thing and say you're getting lagged whatever you're going to do try to get it and go like that what do you do you can't hit the ball you're going to miss it you're going to have to stay in your back foot and go like this to hit it it's the only option you have if you're about 80 dollars I go way on your back foot and you're stuck here instead of learning to put pressure in your outside foot then re-center back in here so you're doing what re-centered here I'm back where I started I've already started my hips going boom imagine the more powerful that is than just being stuck on this back foot going I got .3 seconds to pick back to the ball what do I do well I can't go to shaft link I'll come right over it yeah or I'll dig it right in the ground.

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