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Master the Tiger Woods Stinger: The Ultimate Guide by EJS Golf Academy

Hitting a Stinger: Unlock the Secrets to a Shot That Can Give You Safety and Precision

At EJS Golf Academy in Scottsdale, AZ, I pride myself on delivering results from the very first lesson. I have always believed that, with the right guidance, anyone can improve their game. I use cutting-edge technology like the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor, 3D Dual Pressure Plates, and more, all aimed at making you a better golfer. In this comprehensive guide, I will break down the mechanics, science, and art of hitting the perfect stinger shot, a shot often associated with the GOAT, or one of them, Tiger Woods.

What is the Stinger: More than Just a Low-Flying Ball

Before getting deep into this, let me introduce myself as Coach Erik Schjolberg. I want to say that I love this golf shot and teaching it to golfers. Let's see talk about exactly what a stinger is. Unlike a regular golf shot, a stinger is specifically designed to keep the ball low with maximum run when on the ground. This shot became widely popularized by Tiger Woods in the late '90s and is typically hit using long irons. The stinger has been adopted by golfers of all levels but mostly those that are a bit more advanced and have a bit more control of their club and body.

Who Should Consider Adding the Stinger to Their Arsenal?

The stinger shot does demand a certain type of golfer that is in control of their golf swing and body and should not be attempted by beginners or high-handicap golfers. The golfer must have a good grasp of good swing mechanics and should be able to consistently strike irons in the middle before trying this particular shot. This shot is especially useful for those with high swing speeds that are looking for a golf shot that is a reliable fairway finder. Understanding how the shot works and the mechanics of it are good for any golfer to try to grasp.

Difference Between a Punch Shot and a Stinger?

Golfers confuse the stinger with a punch shot, but they are fundamentally different. A punch shot is used and meant to keep the ball very low, often to avoid obstacles. The stinger, is a semi full-swing shot designed to fly lower and achieve as much roll as possible while not necessarily worrying about avoiding obstructions.

Technical Breakdown: How to Execute the Tiger Woods Stinger

Step 1: Setting up for Success

How you setup is absolutely crucial for a successful stinger shot. I can't emphasize enough that you can not have a stinger without the proper setup. Get this part correct and you give yourself a huge shot at success. Start by teeing the ball just barely off of the ground. The ball should look like it is resting on top of the grass, that is it. Position the ball in the center of your stance to center back depending upon your flight wishes for the shot. Hitting a fade would require a ball more forward. I like to see the golfers weight favoring their lead side 55/45. Lean the shaft forward to promote a sharp negative angle of attack.

Step 2: Mastering the Backswing

For the stinger, a controlled backswing is imperative. Limit your backswing just short of reaching the parallel point. Think of your backswing as 3/4. This means that you will most likely feel like you need to perform a 1/2 swing. The reason for this shorter backswing is our need for a fast hip turn on the downswing. It is vital to keep your arms tension-free as to make sure we generate enough club head speed during the downswing. We need as much speed as possible.

Step 3: The Downswing

Here is where the fun really begins and the physics and biomechanics kick in. Accelerate your hips as you initiate the downswing to de-loft the club at impact. This mechanism helps your hands lead the club head, resulting in a descending blow. Remember that our goal is to hit a low running fairway finder.

Step 4: The Art of the Follow-through

A shorter follow-through is one of the keys to achieving the stinger's low flight. Feel like your swing wraps around your body, rather than shooting upwards. I like to feel as if my right bicep is connected to my right pectoral muscle allowing me a feeling of a sawed off shot. Using this process, technique, ensures that you have a lower trajectory and sets you up for the perfect stinger shot.


What Clubs Are Ideal for a Tiger Woods Stinger?

While a 2-iron is the choice of clubs for me and Tiger Woods to hit the stinger, you can use a 3, 4, or even a 5-iron. Some golfers have even used hybrids to hit this style of shot.

When Should I Opt for a Stinger?

The stinger is a strategic choice for situations where accuracy and control outweigh the need for height and the distance a driver can provide. This is a safety play no. 1. That being said, you perform this correctly, you have a weapon in your arsenal that is sure to help your strokes gained. For those that are exceptionally long, choose the stinger on holes with hazardous conditions like water, fairway bunkers, or out-of-bounds areas, etc.

By consistently practicing the stinger and incorporating the guidance that I have given you, the arsenal of shots that you now have is more than most golfers. You have an ace in the hole with your stinger shot. If you want to work in person with me I am available at Scottsdale Golf Lessons and for those of you that are not in Scottsdale, you have the option of Online Golf Lessons. Learn how you can master this game changing shot in just 15 minutes per day. To learn more about my approach and how I guarantee results from the very first lesson, visit EJS Golf Academy.

At EJS Golf, the leading golf academy in Scottsdale, I am committed to turning you into the golfer of your dreams. Come experience the best golf instruction in AZ and discover why I have been voted Scottsdale’s best golf coach the last 3 years in a row. Your journey to mastering the stinger isn't far away.

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